Ups and downs of a king

After an intensive dedicated work period alumni Lorenz Rieser’s book „WYSEL – Eine Bilderreise in die Flegeljahre der Ländlermusik“ finally gets published.

Previously a musical and theatre on tour, the book tells the fictional story of Ländler king „Wysel,“ his rise and fall from the dawn through the heydays of Ländler music.

Together with musicologist and author Franz-Xaver Nager, Lorenz embedded Wysel’s story in a fact based musical and historical environment of around 1920 to 1945.


The book published by Applaus Verlag is now available in bookstores.

Should you want to purchase a signed copy we recommend you attend the launch. Hans Hassler (accordion) and Christoph Baumann (piano) will give a concert on this special occasion.


Opening: 24/ 11/ 2013, 11am

Venue: La Fourmi at Hotel Anker, Lucerne


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