Wicked, Anja being presented at Ligatura!

Alumna Anja Wicki is going to be exhibited at LIGATURA 4TH INTERNATIONAL COMICS CULTURE FESTIVAL in Poznań, Poland.

The exhibition will show a diverse range of works by Anja Wicki. The exhibition is going to display originals of the publication “Za oknem świeci słońce”, 30 diary sketchbooks and 20 «Gelerntes» sketchbooks, eleven editions of the Ampel Magazine (which is published by Anja Wicki together with Andi Kiener and Luca Bartulovic) and her animation shorts: “Toilettentraum”, “Sein erster zweistelliger Geburtstag”, “The last match”.

The exhibition will open on the 19th of April 2013, 8.30 p.m at Kolektyw 1A, św. Wojciech 1a st.

The festival takes place from the 18th of April till the 21st of  April, 2013.

Anja Wicki