Reading Visuals: the Strapazin issue

Christophe Badoux, Vänçi Stirnemann and Pierre Thomé sat together and both thought up and edited the recent issue of Strapazin. Thematically the issue has assembled some visually challenging storytellers that offer a change in how visuals can be read. Among the illustrious artists that contributed a story to the issue are also Peter Blegvad, George Hardie and Tom Gauld to be found.
However, „Reading Visuals“ is not only the topic of Strapazin #109, but the title of a research project at HSLU D&K in which Pierre Thomé -headmaster of the illustration department at HSLU D&K- is heavily involved in. It is no coincidence, though, as it is rather inspired by these researches and a result of a beautiful collaboration between HSLU D&K and Strapazin.

Die Dozenten Christophe Badoux und vänçi Stirnemann haben zusammen mit Pierre Thomé, dem Leiter der Illustration Fiction,die neuste Ausgabe des Strapazin redaktioniert.
Unter dem Thema „Reading Visuals“ haben sie illustre Illustratoren wie Peter Blagvad, George Hardie und Lewis Trodheim zusammengetragen, welche eine unkonventionellere Art des bildnerischen Erzählens aufzeigen.

Christophe Badoux
Pierre Thomé