put them illustrators away!

This year a few creative heads spent a lot of time in an old house in the Ticino, in southern Switzerland. Those heads are now very pleased to announce that the Sasso Residency has opened its doors.

Nine illustrators will meet up this Sunday for the drawing workshop called «Buongiorno, It’s Playtime». Organized by Evelyne Laube and participated by Doris Freigofas (DE), Kim David Bots (NL), Laura Jurt (CH), Nicolas Robel (CH), Nina Wehrle (CH), Ray Hegelbach (CH), Tiziana Jjill Beck (DE), Valerio Vidali (IT) these illustrators will be locked away to do the best they can up until the 7th of September. After that, the artists Vivian Kasel and musician Bruno Crochet are studying possible correlations of image and music and coming October the designers Lukas Zimmer and Anthon Astrom are thinking about how to handle information in the digital age.

If you are interested to take residence in their lovely villa as well, you can apply for a stay during the season of 2014. They accept applications until the end of the year – further information for the application as well as for the entire project you’ll find on their website.


The Sasso Residency is a project by Patrick Rohner, Nadine Gerber, Prisca Wüst, Nicole Rohner, Evelyne Laube, Nicole Michel and Jonas Oehrli, amongst others.