A gold-Ass celebrates its newest output

Coming 28th this month the newest issue of Ampel magazine gets a release party. Its topic is new fairy tales. So if you’re not afraid of witches, giants and the Cudgel in the Sack you’d be surly welcomed to have a beer at the Wishing-Table and to not only celebrate their newest creation, but to congratulate to their awarded Werkbeiträge grant for illustration.

Ampel is being published by alumni Luca Bartulovic, Anja Wicki and Andreas Kiener. The three together have given birth to a their successful and internationally acclaimed magazine during their studies here at HSLU D&K.

Opening: 28/11/2013, 7 pm

Music: Des Pudels Kern

Venue: Ampel Magazin Atelier, Güterstrasse 6, Lucerne.